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Third Man Records reissues 1998 record from The Hentchmen and Jack White

on November 10, 2017, 12:54pm

Photo by Kelly Casterline

Before Jack White found success with drummer Meg White as The White Stripes, the Detroit songwriter played in a garage rock outfit called The Hentchmen. White played bass on only one album with the band, 1998’s Hentch-Forth. Now, White’s Third Man Records label is reissuing the LP on vinyl for the first time in almost 20 years.

The reissue will be an extended edition of the album, as it includes a version of the single “Some Other Guy” with White on guitar as well as some additional bonus tracks. (Third Man also notes that the “Some Other Guy” single was recorded and released at the same time as the White Stripes’ debut single, “Let’s Shake Hands”.)  The album was originally released as “The Hentchmen with Jack White” as a nod to “British Invasion records that would have an old bluesman or rocker as a guest.”

Hentch-Forth is just one of seven different records that Third Man is reissuing. All of them were originally released on Detroit’s Italy Records, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary. White has said that the label set the model for “Third Man’s DIY ethos.”

The reissues are available now on Third Man’s digital store.

Hentch-Forth Artwork:

tmr421 hentch forth front 2000px Third Man Records reissues 1998 record from The Hentchmen and Jack WhiteHentch-Forth Tracklist:
01. Some Other Guy
02. Psycho Daisies
03. Yesterday’s Trash
04. L.A.M.F.
05. Automatic
06. Gawker Delay
07. Me and My Monotone
08. Little No More
09. Carry Me Home
10. Big Screen Lover
11. R&R Cancer
12. Club Wagon
13. Ham & Oil
14. Psycho Daisies (Alternate Take)

Watch fan-shot footage of The Hentchmen and Jack White in concert circa 1998: