Late Night Performances

Talib Kweli performs “Heads Up Eyes Open” with Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham on Fallon: Watch

on November 25, 2017, 2:06pm


Last week, Talib Kweli returned with his star-studded new album, Radio Silence. To promote the new LP, he stopped by Fallon on Friday with Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham to perform “Heads Up Eyes Open”.

During the performance, the trio was accompanied by The Roots. Kweli led off by spitting an enlightening verse. “A man of peace uses his words in different mediums,” he rapped. “He’ll bleed for his beliefs practicing civil disobedience/ An honest man knows only liars are scared of the truth/ His word is his bond, but his action’s always the proof.”

After Bingham came in with the song’s hook, Ross stepped forward with an introspective verse of his own. “Communion Sunday, my twenties went in the bowl,” he remembered. “Forgive me lord for them bitches the night before/ Business deals and the Bentleys I can’t afford/ Gotta be the example for children to do their chores.”

Replay the full performance above.