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New Netflix survey reveals Americans like streaming content on the toilet

on November 18, 2017, 8:30pm

It’s hard to remember how we got through long commutes and prolonged bathroom spells before smartphones, which now allow us the luxury of browsing social media, Googling what’s wrong with you, and, apparently, streaming Netflix content. A new study from the streaming juggernaut, as reported by The New York Times, shows that two-thirds of Americans stream movies and TV shows out in the wild.

The poll encompassed roughly 1,600 Americans of varying ages, though it all sought data on thousands of other viewers from across the globe. There’s some fun takeaways, such as that Mexicans, Columbians, and Chileans are the most voracious binge watchers. Germans, meanwhile, are the “least likely to say they’ve cried in public while watching a show. If that was something you were curious about.

Much of the data included in the Times, however, centers around American viewing habits. Apparently, 12 percent of your friends and family are prone to watching streaming content on the can, while 37 percent say they’ve done it at work. Airplanes, buses, and trains are also popular viewing spots, with each ranging between 30 and 45 percent of users. Amusingly, 12 percent of that 1,600 admitted to missing a public transit stop due to “Ozymandias” or some such episode of some such show.

One wonders what those numbers would like it if it were only comprised of millennials. That’s not a slam, but it’s understood that the younger generation is savvier in both navigating streaming options and knowing the best ways to close that window when the boss comes a’knockin’. We’re also a generation that struggles with a lack of stimuli, a natural consequence of spending our entire lives staring into glowing rectangles.

“Disruption is occurring across the board,” Lee Rainie, the director of internet and technology research at Pew, told the Times. “It’s in businesses, it’s in social norms, it’s in the boundaries or lack of boundaries between public and private spaces.”

One wonders what that kind of “disruption” will look like in terms of the streaming world’s strategy. Will the fact that people tend to watch TV shows and movies in small bursts on planes, trains, and automobiles affect the way content is created? One can imagine that the web series and Adult Swim model of 15-minute episodes could very well begin permeating the streaming-verse.