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Cookie Monster is the Cookiegorgon in Sesame Street’s Stranger Things parody: Watch

on November 28, 2017, 10:07am


We’re not sure there’s much of an overlap between Sesame Street viewers and the audience for Netflix’s Stranger Things, but the creators of the kids show have bridged the divide in their latest parody video. In a clip entitled Sharing Things, the Muppets take on the roles of the Hawkins gang to teach a lesson about, well, sharing things.

Cookie Monster stars as the Cookiegorgon, a hungry creature who has devoured all the delectables in the Snackside Down. When he hears Lucas (Grover), Dustin (Ernie), and the rest of the Hawkins kids trick or treating, he leaves Barb behind (to real) and enters the world of Sesame Street to satiate his hunger. The greedy, blue monster ends up gobbling up every treat in sight, regardless of the feelings of others — until a literal 11 comes in to stop his relentless gorging.

Believe it or not, there are actually a few spoilers for Stranger Things season two in some of the jokes here, so fair warning if you still haven’t gotten around to binging it all. Otherwise, check out the Muppet-ized parody up above.