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Netflix announces Stranger Things aftershow

on October 26, 2017, 10:00am


AMC found great success by launching a suite of aftershows to follow its most critically acclaimed dramas. Shows like The Talking Dead and Talking Bad opened up a space for series regulars and famous fans to pick apart episodes and engage in general tomfoolery. Now, Netflix is launching its own aftershow, the first of its kind for the network. Surprise, it’s for the about-to-premiere Stranger Things, a show that has spawned no shortage of passionate discussion.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Beyond Stranger Things (The Upside Down would’ve been a better title, but SEO and such) is being considered a Netflix original series and was produced by Embassy Row, the production company behind The Talking Dead. Pretty much every major cast member will be making an appearance, from main cast members Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, and Joe Keery to newcomers like Sean Astin and Paul Reiser.

The best news, however? Chris “Hyperbole” Hardwick won’t be hosting. Instead, the dulcet, rational tones of Oscar-winning screenwriter Jim Rash will be moderating the proceedings. Watch a brief preview, which is prefaced by art and a musical remix by “superfans” of the show, above.

All seven episodes of the aftershow will premiere alongside Stranger Thingssecond season on October 27th (that’s tomorrow!). Viewers are advised not to start watching Beyond Stranger Things until after they have finished watching the entire new season of the drama, because spoilers. As such, episodes of Beyond Stranger Things will automatically play after viewers complete the final episode of Stranger Things season two.