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Road to Oscars 2018: The Early Award Season Contenders

on September 22, 2017, 9:00pm
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The Academy Awards may not return until March 4th, 2018, but we’re already approaching a certain type of filmgoer’s favorite time of the year: “Oscar season.” It’s far from the only film awards show of notable reputation at this point, but it remains the gold standard, and it still carries enough weight for some of the year’s best and most notable films to have their release schedules built around the pivotal December 31st release deadline.

To keep movies fresh in the minds of voters, the cycle typically demands that most year-end contenders be released in the year’s final third. At one time, December was a haven for would-be hopefuls; now, major players can arrive as early as September and frequently in October. But we’ll get to those films in next month’s installment of Road to Oscars 2018. Before we can jump into what’s yet to come, we have to look at what’s already arrived that could play into the proceedings.

It’s fairly common wisdom that big-budget summer fare, while not necessarily excluded, often has a harder time making its way into the late-year conversation. However, with an Academy voting body that’s skewing younger and more diverse than ever before, it’s wholly possible that the 2018 ceremony could include some of 2017’s less likely choices. To that point, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of which films could have a chance to step into the race. From the likely bets to the dark horses, we have you covered on essential (and far less essential) viewing from the year that’s been, so far.

Whatever makes the cut, we can say with relative certainty that it won’t be Baywatch. As far as the rest? Read on.


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