Late Night Performances

Tame Impala perform “Love/Paranoia” on Fallon: Watch

on August 01, 2017, 9:07am


Two years after releasing CurrentsTame Impala finally performed the album track “Love/Paranoia” live for the first time over the weekend. They actually did it twice — both times in New York — delivering it first at a warmup show at Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre, and again during their headlining set at Panorama. Unfortunately, those were the band’s last two scheduled dates for 2017, meaning fans who weren’t at those shows will have to wait some time to see “Love/Paranoia” for themselves.

Or, at least they would have if Kevin Parker and co. hadn’t whipped out the track for their appearance on Fallon last night. It may not be the same thing as seeing it live and in person, but you can watch Tame Impala perform the song for just the third time ever up above.