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Detroit’s 10 Finest Pop Culture Exports

on August 04, 2017, 12:00pm
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Finest Exports is a recurring feature in which we shine a spotlight on the finest pop culture that a specific city has gifted to the world.

Detroit is a city with its own kind of history. There is no singular artistic vein pulsing through its center — it’s not succinctly posh and cinematic like Los Angeles nor is it as storied and sprawling as New York. Rather, Detroit is the bubbling basin at the end of many tributaries, some small and some strong, that come together to create the city’s vibrant culture. Contributors range from the funky roots of the Motown Sound to the disorderly din of Iggy and the Stooges. But these streams have not always flowed unhindered; the city has weathered great economic, racial, and political hardship as well.

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Yet, Detroit’s buzz is growing louder still — slowly, yes, but surely. In the three centuries since its inception, the Motor City has constantly churned out ideas, innovators, and talent with gusto. The varied architecture and layout of the city — from the shore’s Belle Isle to the ornate ceilings of the Masonic Temple — has made it home to many moments of masterful cinema, music, and television. Though varied in its subject matter and medium, the art of Detroit all draws from the city’s energy, one that is resilient, self-aware, and smart.

–Carly Snider
Contributing Writer


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