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A Houston resident returned to his flooded home to play his piano one final time: Watch

on August 31, 2017, 2:52pm

As the rescue and relief efforts continue in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and the resulting mass destruction and flooding caused to the city, it’s hard to find hope in such a tragic event. Untold thousands have been displaced, and residents are still working to reunite with their loved ones and survey the damage.

But as it so often goes, even in the worst of times, music can serve as one way forward in the midst of near-total darkness. Consider the case of Houston gospel musician Aric Harding, who posted a stunning video from his flooded home. As Harding attempted to salvage toys for his kids, he was moved to play his piano, even as his living room was submerged in flood water.

It’s a truly haunting image, and just one more example of what a brutal event Harvey has been for anybody living in or near Houston right now.

As always, if you want and are able to help, you know by now to contribute to the Red Cross and other national charities. However, as a recommendation, if you want to help on a more local and immediate level, Houstonia has a valuable listing of Houston-specific charities for your consideration.