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Sløtface accidentally have the best night ever on new song “Pitted”: Stream

on July 21, 2017, 11:28am

Photo by Martin Høye

Sløtface’s first two singles — “Nancy Drew” and “Magazine” — from their forthcoming Try Not to Freak Out both took aim at the patriarchy with barbed, witty lyricism. The Norwegian pop punk quartet’s latest track, “Pitted”, confronts a completely different enemy: lethargy.

The song feels like a frantic party track bolstered by sputtering horns (from Norewgian jazz musician Simen Kiil Halvorsen) and bubbly guitars. However, vocalist Haley Shea isn’t in a festive mood at first, as it’s one of “those nights when I’d rather stay home.” But once she makes it out the door, the good times don’t stop. Before she knows it she’s drinking Prosecco, dabbing, rocking out to Beyoncé and Bowie, and playing “Marry Fuck Kill with every actor that’s ever played James Bond.” Full of the pop culture references and fun-first punk they’re known for, “Pitted” is another satisfying — though different — call to action from Sløtface.

“’Pitted’ is our own little pep talk for getting out of the house when you would really prefer to stay in and chill on the couch,” the band said in a statement. “No, not every night out is killer, but sometimes those nights make the best stories and that song is full of good stories from bad nights out.” Take a listen below.

Try Not to Freak Out is due September 15th through Propeller Recordings (pre-order here).