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Ryan Adams roasts The Strokes on Twitter: “I should’ve forced them to get addicted to writing better songs”

on July 31, 2017, 6:20pm

Ryan Adams and The Strokes were key figures in New York City’s exciting alternative rock scene in the early aughts, an exciting and debaucherous time excellently documented in Lizzy Goodman’s recent book Meet Me in the Bathroom. Amongst the many intriguing tidbits in Goodman’s oral history of the scene is the time The Strokes had a band meeting in which they decided to ban former pal Adams from hanging around, largely because of guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.’s burgeoning drug addiction not jibbing well with Adams’ prolific heroin use. It seems Adams may have just gotten to that part of Meet Me in the Bathroom, as today he randomly began to shit talk the group via Twitter.

Over the course of several hours, Adams took swipes at both Hammond and frontman Julian Casablancas while also knocking the band over their recent musical output. “Last Impressions of Actual Songs,” Adams tweeted, riffing off of The Strokes’ third album, First Impressions of Earth. “I should’ve forced them to get addicted to writing better songs. Too bad The Killers did it for them,” he added. Adams also insinuated that Casablancas omitted a few key details from Goodman’s oral history, tweeting, “He’s [not] only the president of lack of accountability; He [was] also a client.”

Whoooaaa, easy tiger.