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Ron Howard narrates Star Wars in Arrested Rebellion: Watch

on July 25, 2017, 7:28pm


Last month, Ron Howard was installed as the new director of Disney’s Han Solo anthology film in place of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who left the project due to “creative differences.” At the time, it was deemed as a prudent move giving Howard the opportunity to utilize his experience working on big-budget productions. Nerdist, however, thinks Howard would be a better fit as the film’s narrator, and they’ve made a video to prove their point.

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Nerdist has entitled the mashup Arrested Rebellion, and it splices clips from Howard’s narration of Arrested Development with scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy. The spoof’s opening credits take inspiration from the beloved comedy by dubbing Hans Solo as “the Smuggler,” Chewbacca as “his best friend,” Leia as “his girlfriend,” Luke Skywalker as “her brother,” and Darth Vader as “the father-in-law.” From there, Howard serves as the audience’s guide and occasional sarcastic commentator.

It’s actually a useful primer for those who aren’t familiar with the first trilogy of Star Wars films, and a follow-up to save people from the prequels would certainly be welcome. Watch the full video above.

The currently untitled Han Solo movie is scheduled to hit theaters on May 25th, 2018. When Howard stepped in, there were reportedly three and a half weeks of shooting left and a planned five weeks of reshoots, so the film has a long way before it’s ready to go. Hopefully, it will still make the deadline.