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It’s all-out war in the Comic-Con trailer for The Walking Dead season 8: Watch

on July 21, 2017, 3:57pm


The Walking Dead has been decaying bit by bit over the last few seasons, but it’s all be building to something. With the groups from the Kingdom and the Hilltop finally allied with Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) Alexandria group, it’s finally time for the great war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. The battle commences with the series’ 100th episode, which kicks of the long-running AMC shows’ eighth season on October 22nd.

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The network gave fans a first look at the upcoming season during their presentation at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Season seven ended with war being declared after the Scavengers double-crossed Rick’s group and Sasha turned herself into a Walker. In the five-minute long (!) preview of what comes next, we see the intensity the new status quo has brought to all the groups. The allied forces are making preparations, with Rick rallying the troops and every tactic from guerrilla warfare to straight up invasion is employed. It looks like they’ll have plenty of challenges ahead, but whatever they’re plotting, Negan seems pretty pissed off.

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Check it out above, and make sure to watch the to very end — because something is definitely different with Rick (and if you’ve read the comic books, get ready for a spoiler).