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Akira fans rejoice: the Akira Symphonic Suite vinyl reissue is finally here

on July 18, 2017, 3:12pm

Ever since Milan Records teased a vinyl reissue of the iconic Akira film score about a year ago, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the opportunity to own the ultra-rare Akira Symphonic Suite. The day is finally here, however, as pre-orders are now available ahead of its September 15th release date.

The score is particularly unique because it was created and recorded before the film completed. It was then used to partially sculpt the film’s moods and themes, rather than the opposite way around. Dr. Shoji Yamashiro of the Geinoh Yamashirogumi group composed the soundtrack, which was performed by the collective made up of hundreds of members from all parts of Japanese society.

Rerecorded and remastered using the most advanced audio techniques available, the reissue is pressed on a pair of 180 gram black vinyl discs housed in eurosleeves displaying artwork from the film. The gatefold packaging features the skyline of Neo-Tokyo from the film, and the included download card has a lengthy commentary by Dr. Yamashiro on topics ranging from Akira to Geinoh Yamashirogumi to his work in advanced brain studies.

Although original copies have gone for £700 ($913.50 USD) on Discogs, Milan Records have said they’re not out to create another rare item and “there will be enough for everybody.” Pre-orders are currently available here.

Check out the artwork and tracklist below.

Akira Symphonic Suite Artwork:

akira symphonic suite vinyl reissue cover Akira fans rejoice: the Akira Symphonic Suite vinyl reissue is finally here

Akira Symphonic Suite Tracklist:
01. Kaneda
02. Battle Against Clown
03. Tetsuo
04. Shohmyoh
05. Dolls’ Polyphony
06. Exodus From the Underground Fortress
07. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
08. Illusion
09. Mutation
10. Requiem