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Sufjan Stevens reviews Katy Perry’s new album: “LORD JESUS HAVE MERCY”

on June 13, 2017, 11:35pm

Try as she might, Katy Perry is not having a good week. Despite big promotional gimmicks for her newest album — including a 72-hour, Big Brother-like livestream — the reviews for Witness have been pretty underwhelming. Additionally, the pop singer’s longtime rival Taylor Swift is outperforming her on Spotify (and that’s after Tay savagely put her music back on streaming services just in time for Witness’ release).

Perry has also been feeling the heat from the indie rock community, in particular Sufjan Stevens. Today, the singer-songwriter posted a mini review of his own on Tumblr and didn’t hold back. “LORD JESUS HAVE MERCY,” Stevens wrote, critiquing a line about “Chinese water torture” taken from Witness track “Déjà Vu”. “And y’all thought it was weird when I wrote [on Illinois song “Casimir Pulaski Day”], ‘Tuesday night at the Bible study….”

“Lord Jesus. Katy Perry was probably at THAT SAME BIBLE STUDY,” added Stevens. “We probably did popcorn prayer together.” As absurd as that sounds, it’s actually entirely possible considering Perry’s history with Christian music.

See the full post below and/or on Tumblr.
sufjan katy perry witness review lord have mercy Sufjan Stevens reviews Katy Perrys new album: LORD JESUS HAVE MERCY