Kevin Smith’s Krampus film is now an anthology called Killroy Was Here, production now underway

on June 15, 2017, 6:10pm

Depending on your perspective, Kevin Smith’s recent directorial output has been either a demonstration of his willingness to chase his passions regardless of what the skeptics might say, or an unwelcome digression from the wordy, humane character work of his early movies. But if Smith’s prolific podcasting is any indication, it’s genre filmmaking that calls to him the most, over and over again. In the recent cases of Red StateTusk (which we liked!), and Yoga Hosers (which, uhh…), Smith’s demonstrated his interest in the grotesque side of people, which looks to continue with his next project.

After floating around for some time in rumor form as an anthology feature about Krampus called Comes the Krampus, Smith has retooled the project as a new film titled Kilroy Was Here, likely a reference to the famed WWII graffiti character. According to the director, “This is a monster movie in the sense of a classic morality tale. No one wants to see you spill the blood of innocents, but when someone crosses the line and goes bad, you get to make them pay in horrible ways, and the audience cheers … We wanted to make an anthology film in the vein of CreepshowKillroy is like the Golem, the Boogeyman and the Grim Reaper combined.”

It seems like it’ll resemble the Krampus concept in tone if not in premise, necessarily, and Smith’s proven himself an ambitious horror director, regardless of the (sometimes poor) returns. Like Tusk and Yoga HosersKillroy Was Here will be hatched from an initial discussion on one of Smith’s podcasts, and we can only hope that it’ll lean toward the engaging madness of the former, and not the directionless low-budget schlock of the latter. Production has only just started on the anthology, so it’ll be a moment before more word arises, but you can expect to hear about it from the verbose filmmaker when the time comes.