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FYF’s 2017 Lineup: One Day Later

on March 21, 2017, 8:10pm
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A Tribe Called Quest

tribe 2017 FYFs 2017 Lineup: One Day Later

FYF is so strong this year that they don’t even have A Tribe Called Quest billed at the top. No, they’ve put the Queens collective right on the second line, following juggernauts like Missy Elliott, Björk, Frank Ocean, and Nine Inch Nails. Now, before you get all t’d off and start tweeting at Sean Carlson for shorting Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White, know that this is a perfect place for Tribe. By being a sub-headliner, Tribe get to play the underdog who will inevitably steal the thunder from whoever follows. That’s always been a good look on them, and especially now as they ride high on one of the best albums of their career. Of course, it helps that they’re still only booked at a couple North American fests (see: Panorama, Pitchfork). –Michael Roffman


Nine Inch Nails

screen shot 2014 10 18 at 10 31 20 pm FYFs 2017 Lineup: One Day Later

Nine Inch Nails were the centerpiece of FYF’s announcement, ably soundtracking their teaser trailer over the past weekend, so there’s reason to believe that they were likely high on Carlson’s must-have list. Good for him. Trent Reznor brings a live show that few rock acts today can rival, which says a lot given that his more recent output has been polarizing at best. But hey, he’ll be playing alongside co-conspirator Atticus Ross, and there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of glitzy LA sleazeballs singing “Closer” together under a beautiful California sunset. That alone’s worth the ticket.  –Michael Roffman


Frank Ocean

frank ocean cosores FYFs 2017 Lineup: One Day Later

Photo by Philip Cosores

Remember how awesome Frank Ocean’s headlining set was back in 2015? You know, the year he had to cancel and Yeezy swooped in for the assist? One can only imagine how much of a nightmare that must have been at the time for Carlson and co., but hey, it all worked out, and now they get to enjoy the R&B mastermind as he supports not one, but two albums — and a new single to boot! What’s more, it’s a long way to July, so who knows what Frankie will do between now and then. –Michael Roffman


That Goddamn Undercard

mcd   kris fuentes cortes 386 FYFs 2017 Lineup: One Day Later

Photo by Kris Fuentes Cortes

Say what you will about those headliners — “They’re mahvelous!”; “Finally! Missy!”; “FRANK!!!!!” — but that goddamn undercard is just as impressive. Granted, none of us ever thought that FYF would fumble their undercard, as it’s kind of their forte, but the addition of a third day admittedly had us worried about the overall quality. Well, all that anxiety was for not; in fact, the additional day has only improved the quality of their picks. For starters, we’re getting our first slice of comedy at the festival since 2013 with Hannibal Buress leading the way. Blonde Redhead’s going to perform their most excellent fifth studio album, 2000’s A Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. Both Helena Hauff and Nadia Rose will make their US debuts. Motor City Drum Ensemble will return to the US for the first time since 2010. And that’s all without mentioning other hot bookings like Grandaddy, S U R V I V E, Perfume Genius, Sleep, and Joey Purp. No one’s gonna be bored. –Michael Roffman


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