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Does Wayne’s World or Its Sequel Party Harder?

on February 02, 2017, 12:00pm
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Best Premise

Extreme Close-Up: I’m going to be frank. (“Okay, can I still be Garth?”) The DNA of these two movies aren’t quite Home Alone and Home Alone 2 levels of identical, but the beats are pretty damn similar. In each, Wayne wants something more in his life (to do his show for a living, to put on a festival in Aurora), self-sabotages his own quest and relationship with a little help from a slick-haired villain, and finally rallies just in time to handpick a happier ending than he probably deserves. The original really focused on what the stars of SNL’s most popular cable-access skit might be like outside Wayne’s parents’ basement while the sequel had to find new territory and concoct some kind of adventure that guys like Wayne and Garth could conceivably find themselves on. Both setups work as vehicles for these characters, but there’s a charm to the original that the second can’t quite touch, even though it’s arguably the most brilliant parody film of its time. There’s something so identifiable about Wayne and co. cruising to jams, pulling pranks in the Mirthmobile, and sitting down to the same donuts and coffee each night. If only for 90 minutes, the humdrum suburban ruts most of us found ourselves in each weekend seemed just a little more excellent and a bit less heinous. –Matt Melis

And the Sugar Puck Goes To: Wayne’s World (1-0)

headbang Does Waynes World or Its Sequel Party Harder?


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