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Arnold Schwarzenegger pokes Nickelback on Twitter, Nickelback bites back

on February 15, 2017, 10:59am

Social media has a unique power in this day and age. For some, it is a destructive force, a bright red self-destruct button. For others, it’s a means of slowly and assuredly winning back a hostile fan base. Last night, two entities that know what it’s like to be pop culture punchlines—Nickelback and Arnold Schwarzenegger—displayed an understanding of the latter by eschewing pettiness for humor and humility.

It began when Schwarzenegger, who’s been a particularly outspoken critic of President Donald Trump on social media, used the maligned Canadian rockers to help frame our commander in chief’s low approval ratings. Nickelback, as they’ve made clear in the past, are through with jokes at their expense and won’t let someone as imposing as the Governator stop them from saying so.

Schwarzenegger took the high road, acknowledging his ridiculous, pervasive ice-themed puns in the second-worst Batman film while still pushing forth his political points. And Nickelback? They were probably just happy to get a response.

And everyone comes out looking better in the end. Isn’t that a novel concept?

Maybe Father John Misty’s right, after all.