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Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos shares holiday album, Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields: Stream/watch

on December 16, 2016, 4:01pm

Today marks the release of Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields, the holiday “video album” from Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, former Harlem Shakes member Brent Katz, and director Hana Haley. It’s available for streaming below.

Mr. Fields was originally the brainchild of Angelakos and Katz, who together sought to explore “an inspiring response to terrorism that seeks sanity and unity, not panic and division,” according to a press release. The Frenchkiss Records release was completed only recently, and its video element, helmed by Haley, was filmed in just four days at Angelakos’ alma mater, the Nichols School in Buffalo, New York.

In addition to 1940’s music, the album is said to include elements of “the classicist’s take on orchestral musical theater” and a “post-Beatles John Lennon and gooey Beach Boys sort of earnestness.” Its three collaborators’ intention was to create a piece with both “the most concentrated dosage of Christmas feeling, dreamy, full of wonder” and a nostalgic sense of sadness.

It’s available for purchase here. Proceeds from the record will go to charity and to the Nichols School Arts Department.

Watch the project’s three accompanying videos. Update: The full video component of Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields has finally been revealed. Watch below.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields OST Artwork:

angelakos merry christmas mr fields soundtrack Passion Pits Michael Angelakos shares holiday album, Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields: Stream/watch

Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields OST Tracklist:
01. Overture
02. Meet Me at Daphne’s
03. Evergreen
04. Weather the Storm
05. Permission to Audition
06. Footprints in the Snow
07. December to Remember
08. O Holy Night
09. Stained Glass Windows
10. Answer Me, Harry
11. And Never Be Afraid
12. Wake Up, It’s Christmas
13. Christmas in Your Arms
14. Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields
15. Stained Glass Windows (End Credits)