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Netflix is pushing the theory that Breaking Bad could be a prequel to The Walking Dead — watch

on November 03, 2016, 2:12pm


Entertainment storytelling has gotten a lot more complex over the last decade, with interconnected universes and layered mysteries becoming hallmarks of almost every medium. A fascinating little side effect of this is now audiences are a lot more keyed in to looking for — and even expecting — these kinds of winding, interwoven plots. It’s gotten to the point where fans are starting to wonder if even relatively straightforward stories like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead might actually be connected.

Fan theories about the two AMC smash hits have been floating around the Internet for years, suggesting that it’s possible to view Walter White’s descent into pure Heisenberg as the genesis of the zombie apocalypse faced by Rick Grimes and CARL!. In a new video, Netflix breaks down the theory in amusingly animated fashion.

The concept is based on four facts, the first two of which are references TWD clearly makes to BB. In a season two episode of the former, we actually see a bag of Blue Sky, the specific type of meth featured in the former. Digging back even further, there’s a red Dodge that Glenn (Spoiler: R.I.P.) steals in an early episode of TWD that’s strikingly similar to the one White is told to return in BB to a car dealer named — wait for it — Glenn. Now, we never actually see this Glenn (could very well be Glen), and the car is destroyed in BB, and there’s the fact that Glenn was a pizza deliver guy pre-outbreak, but the connection’s still (sort of) there.

The other two threads revolve around Jesse Pinkman and Gus Fring, but we’ll let Netflix explain those. Of course, the whole thing sort of falls apart if you remember that Breaking Bad is set in New Mexico/the West while The Walking Dead kicks off in Atlanta and stays well along the Eastern seaboard, but it’s fun to imagine. See if you can buy into the theory by watching the video above.