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Indie electronic duo MRCH share video for new single “Glitter McQueen” — watch

on November 17, 2016, 11:14am


There’s a lot you can do with a Korg and a drum kit, as a listen to MRCH’s new single “Glitter McQueen” proves. The electronic duo have carved out a nice place for themselves in the CHVRCHES vein of synthpop, and their relatively modest setup belies the complex pop hooks at the core of songs like this one.

The music video, which they’ve also shared today, follows the trajectory of a young musician from the bedroom to the rowdy house show to, eventually, a modeling photo shoot that resembles something out of a fever dream. It’s quite the trip to take in just under five minutes, but it’s one that’ll be worth your while. “We played into a bit of a Cyndi Lauper ’80s vibe,” admits the band with a wink, and we’ve got to say: There are worse vibes out there.

Check out “Glitter McQueen” above.