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Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis) faces down the “Devil In U” on new song — listen

on October 19, 2016, 12:22pm

From what we’ve heard of Sadie Dupuis’ solo project, Sad13, the Speedy Ortiz frontdemon is almost effortlessly capturing the anti-misogyny tenets of progressive millennials. First came the wonderful consent-pop of “Get A Yes”, followed by the brains and beauty championing “<2”. The latest taste of her Slugger debut takes on the sensitive subject of emotional abuse with remarkable charm and empathy.

“Devil In U” plays out like a synth waltz that’s tumbling around in anti-gravity. At times it sounds like it could have come from an alternate reality Twin Peaks, while during other moments it recalls alternative pop of the mid-’90s. There’s a witchy quality to the lyrics as Dupuis sings in a sweet vibrato, “Wax in the cauldron, bricks in the leavening/ I’m your favorite person, but you don’t approve.”

“It’s about constraining your life to avoid conflict in the face of emotional abuse,” Dupuis explained in a press release. “You cut yourself off from your support systems and passions to prevent and assuage your partner’s irrational reactions; you force yourself to fit another person’s definition of ‘angelic’ so as not to provoke their ‘devilish’ side. But no devil is worth your care if they don’t love and support you for who you are.”

Take a listen below.

Slugger is due out November 11th on Carpark Records. Sad13 will head out on tour to support the record beginning next week; find those dates here.