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People can’t tell if this is a picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks

on October 25, 2016, 6:04pm

It’s the celebrity equivalent of the dress. Back in 2015, the Internet was trying to figure out if a random garment was blue and black or white and gold; now, it’s trying to decide if a three-year-old picture is of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks.

Meme-hungry web surfers recently came across a 2013 post on the Facebook group “Reasons My Son is Crying” in which one Laura R. posted a picture of her crying baby with a certain celebrity. The post clearly states that the man in the image mimicking the child’s wailing face is Bill “Ghostbusting-ass” Murray, but the ever skeptical Internet isn’t so sure. Many are arguing that Laura R. doesn’t know her Groundhog Day from her Big, and they think the pictured star is Tom “Bachelor Party-throwing” Hanks.

Take a look:

Because this is the era of the fact checking news cycle, numerous agencies went to work solving this great mystery. The BBC actually went so far as to actually track down Hanks’ location when the image was shot; the caption of the picture says it was taken in Scotland, but the BBC determined Hanks was “almost certainly in New York” at the time. (Though if we can’t be sure the actor was named correctly, how confident are we on the location?)

Whoever it really is in the pic, one thing is clear: Someone needs to start writing a long-lost twins movie with Tom Hanks and Bill Murray stat. Make it happen, Hollywood.