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Mark Ronson smashes “charisma-bypassed” Chainsmokers with epic diss

on October 29, 2016, 6:40pm

The Chainsmokers have been slaying the charts with their No. 1 single “Closer”, but not everyone is a fan of the rising DJ duo. They managed to start a mini-beef with Lady Gaga last week when they offered their opinion on her song “Perfect Illusion” (“It sucks”), to which Gaga responded with an expertly crafted bit of Twitter shade. Now English producer and DJ Mark Ronson has joined in on the Chainsmokers hate parade, and his burn is decidedly less subtle than Gaga’s. In a tweet responding to the duo’s message of “And we’re back,” Ronson wrote, “Back to being the charisma-bypassed champions of 2 bar Ableton loops?” Well, smash it while it lasts, fellas!!”.

In DJ parlance, those are some fightin’ words. Ronson also included a link to an article about saving money with low-risk investments, but given the potential lawsuit over his own hit single “Uptown Funk”, he might want to follow his own advice and start saving up some dough.