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Danny Elfman scored Donald Trump’s debate lurking as a horror film

on October 14, 2016, 3:35pm

As film composers go, Danny Elfman tends to be among the more immediately recognizable, his sound a staple of so many Tim Burton films and other classics. And he’s notably overdue for an Oscar, a fact only cemented by his latest striking score. But it’s not for a film. No, for the horrors contained within could scarcely be imagined by even the most thoughtful screenwriter. No, you see, Elfman has scored the most recent presidential debate.

Funny or Die has released a greatest hits of Donald Trump’s weird lurking from this past Sunday’s town hall debate, which has been heavily speculated about and Trump insists he would never do, to the tune of some of Elfman’s more menacing work in recent years. One can only sit back and feel a cold chill as Elfman’s manic strings slowly build over the images of an actual lizard person stalking its target. Yet the short closes on an eerily open note, for the menace isn’t vanquished at the end. It walks among us, in plain sight, even now.

Anyway, for another dose of Trump’s weird wandering, check out the video. Elfman can currently be heard in The Girl on the Train, and Trump can be heard on your TV every day and at his moonlighting gig doing real estate infomercials in the ninth circle of hell.