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Britain’s new five-pound note can play vinyl records

on October 11, 2016, 6:00pm


The British revealed their new five-pound note this week, and its durability is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before currency-wise. Because of its plastic composition, the notes are nearly tear-proof and supposed to last twice as long as the paper ones they’re replacing. Its incredible sturdiness also helps give the new money perhaps its most impressive quality: It can actually play vinyl records.

In a new video, a UK native can be seen using the tough fiver like a turntable needle to play a 7-inch single of ABBA’s “Money, Money, Money” (a very apt choice of tune). The resulting sound isn’t exactly flawless, but the note does its intended job nonetheless, seemingly making it worth far more than just five pounds.

The person behind the video described his little experiment thusly:

“The new polymer five pound notes have a rather curious ability of being just about able to play vinyl records (with the aid of a contact microphone and small amplifier not shown on screen). As the corners on these new banknotes are more durable and sharper than its paper counterpart it acts like a very crude record needle.”

Check out the video up above.