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Amber Coffman’s “All To Myself” fuels Dirty Projectors split rumors — watch

on October 06, 2016, 1:25pm


It certainly seems like Amber Coffman is leaving the Dirty Projectors and David Longstreth behind. Longstreth dropped a bomb-throw of a breakup track last month with “Keep Your Name” and now Coffman has seemingly replied with the aptly titled solo track “All To Myself.”

While neither side has confirmed the status of their relationship, Coffman’s explanation of the track definitely sounds like someone putting themselves back together after a nasty separation.

“For anyone who’s ever found themselves uncomfortably restless, sad and alone, or even temporarily doubting themselves and their dreams, this is a mantra, a pep talk, a love song to yourself,” she said. “It’s a song you can slow dance by yourself to without feeling funny if there’s no one else there. A small reminder not to spend too much time fretting and just to get out there, live your life and do what makes you happy.”

In addition to the new video, Coffman announced her first solo album. It’s called City Of No Reply and doesn’t yet have a release date. But we do know that it will drop via Columbia Records when it comes. We expect to learn more (both about Coffman’s record and her status as a member of the DPs) as the record approaches.