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WALL’s “Last Date” music video is just as immediate as their sound — watch

on September 26, 2016, 2:00pm


What is it about Texas-bred New York transplants that produces such odd, angular music? Parquet Courts have been playing the part of Butthole Surfers’ slack-ass cousins for a while now and recent CoSigns WALL are here to fill out the Thanksgiving table as the family’s intense, brooding student back from art school.

The band’s track “Last Date” is like a final presentation in stripped down post-punk. It present the genre at its most spare, a fact that is easy to understand when you learn it’s the first thing they wrote as a group. The song was birthed from the band’s very first practice session, but the resulting hooky shout-fest is far from amateurish.

Video director Karen Cinorre said she wanted to capture a bit of that creative burst in the visuals for the track. “WALL approached me because they wanted something with an otherworldly quality,” she tells Consequence of Sound. “With no budget to speak of, you ask yourself, ‘What do I have? I have a bicycle wheel and some glitter,’ and you make that transformative. I love the raw, driving quality of ‘Last Date’. I embraced that, and set out to make a video that looks like the song itself, not like a string of images applied on top of it. WALL was game to do something abstract, black and white and free from any narrative.”

Check out the clip above. “Last Date” comes from the band’s self-titled EP, which is out now digitally. A physical release is coming on January 15th via Wharf Cat. Pre-orders are going on now.