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The 20 Best Sci-Fi Albums: From Misfits to Radiohead

on September 15, 2016, 2:00pm
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20. Misfits – Walk Among Us

misfits Walk Among Us

Released: March 1982

Beam Me Up (Setting): A parallel universe where civilization has fallen and apes rule the world.

Danzig has always had a way of twisting his music to sound as if it’s been put through a meat grinder. With Walk Among Us, we find the horror punk band turning into martians, fleeing from astro zombies and fearful of otherworldly abominations such as the “rat-bat-spider” prominently showcased on the cover of the album. Perhaps not the band’s greatest work, but still a fun romp through a horrifying futuristic landscape filled with monsters and murder.

Prepare for hyperdrive (Climax): “I send my astro zombies to rape the land/ Prime directive, exterminate!”

You’ll love this, if you already dig: Planet of the Apes

–Allison Franks

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