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Moby talks to his dead father on Hollywood Medium — watch

on September 15, 2016, 1:38pm


Mediums are mostly discredited as cold-readers with good research skills and a knack for showmanship. But if you believe that, like the tunes from Moby’s masterwork of commercial-licensing Play, spirits are hanging around and haunting us, then this clip of the DJ connecting with his parents might be for you.

In it, Moby talks with television medium Tyler Henry of Hollywood Medium as he channels the spirit of his late father, who died in a drunk driving accident when Moby was just two. Even a cynical jerk like me can’t help but be moved at how deeply the conversation affects the electronic musician. In the preview above, Moby reacts the way you’d expect just about anyone to react when someone sitting next to them says they’re talking to the spirit of a passed-on parent. Check it out up top.

The full episode of Hollywood Medium is available here. For more from the influential DJ, check out our interview with him from earlier this year.