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LA indie pop artist Bloodboy shares defiant anthem “Keep Your Disease” — listen

on September 07, 2016, 11:35am

“So many people glide through life without ever thinking to question what is going to make them truly happy,” says 25-year-old Lexie Papillion, a former surfer who now writes bracing, anthemic indie pop under the moniker of Bloodboy. She admits that she was guilty of going through the motions in her past, but judging by new single “Keep Your Disease”, Bloodboy is anything but passive.

With its rallying call to action and huge, pulsating beat, “Keep Your Disease” is the kind of song that seems destined for alt-rock radio. There’s even a slightly industrial vibe that crops up from time to time — think Nine Inch Nails with a few extra layers of pop icing. Of course, at the center of it all is Bloodboy’s unmistakable voice, which refuses to waver in the higher registers of the chorus.

“The song is from the perspective of this sort of omnipotent, subliminal figure on a megaphone projecting these deeply rooted societal constructs,” she explains, “and the ‘disease’ that is referenced is actually your true inner desires. It’s kind of a call to action, a ‘Wake the fuck up, do you even know yourself at all?’”

So ask yourself that question while bumping the hell out of this one. Once it’s finished blasting your ears off, it might even lead you to a new kind of clarity.

“Keep Your Disease” will appear on Bloodboy’s forthcoming debut EP, due out this fall.

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