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Katy Perry gets out the vote … by getting naked — watch

on September 27, 2016, 12:41pm

There have been plenty of memorable “get out the vote” efforts over the years — who could ever forget Puff Daddy’s classic Vote or Die campaign? With the 2016 election (once again the most important election of our lifetime) fast approaching, Funny or Die has unveiled their latest tactic to get eligible millennials to the booths: a naked Katy Perry.

In a video released less than 24 hours after the first presidential debate, Perry encourages voters to head to the polls in whatever “just out of bed look” they want. The pop star assures viewers that it’s perfectly constitutional to vote in whatever you sleep in, whether that’s a onesie, a free XL T-shirt you got from a bank, or, as Perry does it, in your birthday suit.

Now, there’s plenty of research about the health benefits of sleeping in the nude, but the legality of voting naked doesn’t stand up quite as well. (Though technically, I suppose my fellow New Yorkers could vote topless if they felt so inclined.) The bit isn’t exactly the funniest thing, even with a surprise cameo at the end, but Perry knew that going in. “TOMORROW, I USE MY BODY AS CLICK BAIT TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD,” she said in an Instagram post teasing the video. To be fair, her tactic is effective; after all, you’re reading this, which has you at least thinking about voting. So kudos, Ms. Perry, for once again using the power of your boobs for good.

Watch the video above, then put on some damn pants and go vote on November 8th.