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Joseph Gordon-Levitt busked in a LA subway station, proves he’s a beast on drums

on August 15, 2016, 10:35am


Last summer, U2 secretly busked in a New York City subway station as part of an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Commuters were recently treated to a similar impromptu musical treat, courtesy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

After carefully setting up his drum kit in the middle of a subway platform, the Inception actor went to work, feverishly drumming for about 40 seconds. As cool as the spectacle was, most passersby didn’t seem all that interested, sadly. A soft “Booo!” could even be heard toward the end. (I guess they’d much rather be flashed by a homeless man for the third time??)

The brief busking session is part of Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord “Everyday, Spectacular” campaign, which encourages his fans to create “a piece of art that captures those unmissable, spectacular moments that happen every day.” “I played the drums (in a subway) for our ‘Everyday, Spectacular’ project,” he wrote in the video’s YouTube description. “Now, where are all you musicians gonna play your instruments?”

Check it out above. For more information on the project, head here.