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Bloods look at the biology of love in new song “Bring My Walls Down” — listen

on August 25, 2016, 11:15am

Too often, love is described as a fuzzy, warm feeling or likened to the fluttery sensation of having butterflies in the stomach. When Sydney’s pop punk three-piece Bloods reflect on matters of the heart, however, they see things in a much less fluffy, romanticized way. For them, it’s visceral, almost biological.

Their latest one-off single, the rambunctious and spunky “Bring My Walls Down”, embodies this perspective. “Completely/ And unwillingly/ You liquefy the hardest parts of me,” lead singer MC confesses, vulnerable as ever. Rubbery power chords jolt and bounce about in the background, their rugged energy reminiscent of likeminded acts Diet Cig and Hinds. “Turn me inside out/ Fill my heart with blood/ Tell me is this love?”

“Bring My Walls Down”, as MC tells Consequence of Sound, “looks at love as a disease, a kind of infection that infests your mind and body without you having any control over it; something that breaks through uninvited and reminds you that you’re an animal.”

Check it out below.

“Bring My Walls Down” is the first preview of Bloods’ as-yet-untitled upcoming album. The band’s been hard at work on the follow-up to their 2015 debut, Work It Out, enlisting the help of producer Shane Stoneback (Sleigh Bells, Fucked Up).

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