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SLØTFACE share fierce feminist anthem “Take Me Dancing” — listen

on July 29, 2016, 2:30pm

Norweigan punks SLØTFACE (née Slutface) bring an explosive intensity to everything they do, even if that’s just asking someone to take them out on the town. Their new single “Take Me Dancing” might contain plenty of pleasantries, but vocalist Haley Shea’s urgent howl makes it clear that she ain’t asking.

That in-your-face fierceness allows the band to keep their feminist bona fides intact while looking to have a good time. It also makes it damn near impossible to listen to the song and keep still.

“Some people were skeptical of us releasing a song about dancing and getting drunk because they felt like it made us ‘less believable feminists’, but that is kind of the whole point of this song,” Shea said of the song. “The feminism we have faith in is all about individualism and being free to be yourself regardless of gender. Yes, we believe in equal rights for all genders, but we also like partying and drinking and sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s OK.”

“Take Me Dancing” is the first we’ve heard from SLØTFACE since their excellent Sponge State EP and it’s proof that serious punk kids should loosen up a bit more often. Check it out up below: