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Bruce Springsteen singing “Waiting on a Sunny Day” with this adorable 4-year-old will brighten your day — watch

on July 11, 2016, 1:20pm

You ever see a young kid running around at a concert and just think, “Why would that child’s parents bring them to a rock show?” Well, sometimes, it’s because that little kid is a mega fan. Take this 4-year-old girl that showed up at Bruce Springsteen’s show in Oslo, Norway.

During “Waiting on a Sunny Day”, this adorable little lass was up on her parent’s shoulders, rocking out and waving at the Boss himself. Taken with the cutie, Springsteen brought her up on stage, dancing around as she looked up in calm admiration. When Springsteen gave her the mic, she belted out the song’s chorus without a bit of hesitation and more confidence than most adults at a karaoke club.

Bruce is known for bringing fans on stage during his shows, but this one could well go down as one of the damned cutest moments of all. And if you’re wondering how the tiny Norwegian was able to call out, “Come on, E Street Band!” seemingly before Springsteen was even able to prompt her, it turns out he’s done this a few times before. The fact that this girl knew this just means she has some damn fine parents.

Watch video of the best guest spot ever above, and say goodbye to your end of the weekend blues.