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Weezer share new single “I Love the USA” — listen

on June 30, 2016, 9:50am

Weezer are just weeks removed from their latest LP, The White Album. Today, however, they return with a new one-off single entitled, “I Love the USA”.

According to iTunes, where the song is available to stream/download, “I Love the USA” is a “towering 21st-century power ballad,” which “finds Weezer staring up at the night sky. Though it starts as a plaintive piano tune, it gains dizzying altitudes with a flurry of interstellar electronics, dazzling lyrical detail, and a throwback guitar solo.” For the most part that’s a pretty apt description, though I’m not entirely sure “dazzling” is the right word to describe lyrics like, “I love the USA/ Fuck yeah, this place is great!” But to each their own.

Like Trent Reznor’s surprise new single “Juno”, Weezer’s “I Love the USA” was recorded to celebrate NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter.