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Stephen Colbert mocks the concerts eligible for Ticketmaster’s free vouchers

on June 24, 2016, 9:48am

As part of a recent lawsuit settlement over “excessive and deceptive” service fees, Ticketmaster is offering 50 million of its users vouchers for free tickets and discounts. On the Late Show Thursday night, Stephen Colbert poked fun at some of the shows being offered by Ticketmaster. In the process, he ruthlessly mocked both Smash Mouth and Guns N’ Roses.

“Anyone is eligible if they used Ticketmaster between 1999 and 2013. So you’re included if you saw Smash Mouth in their prime at the Staples Center, or just a few years later in a parking lot of a Staples,” Colbert joked.

“Some of the concerts they’re offering in New York City include a Black Sabbath cover band, a Rolling Stones cover band, and a Guns N’ Roses cover band,” he added. “What gives Ticketmaster? If I wanted to see a lame Guns N’ Roses cover band, I’ll go see Guns N’ Roses.” He then sang, “Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got lots of cheese!” which will will no doubt irk an Axl Rose who was already fighting an uphill battle to remove fat meme photos from Google.

Watch the funny clip above.