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FIDLAR’s video for “Punks” is a dystopian rager — watch

on June 14, 2016, 4:15pm


Two albums in, we pretty much know what the dudes of FIDLAR are all about: They’re here to party no matter what. In their new video for “Punks”, the Los Angeles-based garage rockers prove that not even a weird, dystopian future can stand in the way of them getting sufficiently sloshed — but unfortunately this might not be their type of rager. In the video, we follow a man from a grim, Orwellian future to an odd, underground party. Things eventually take a turn for the truly bizarre, and then take a hard left into the realm of dastardly.

There’s a reason for that strangeness. The video for the track — which comes from FIDLAR’s excellent sophomore release, Too — was shot at The Flaming Lips’ Oklahoma City art space The Womb and the psych-rockers freaky-deaky fingerprints are all over it. The two groups apparently linked up after FIDLAR covered the Lips’ classic “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1” in concert.

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FIDLAR bassist Brandon Schwartzel revealed what it was like to work with the Lips in a press release:

“Getting to make a video at The Womb using all of The Flaming Lips’ resources was a dream come true. We had their entire warehouse at our disposal and there were always a bunch of ‘freaks’ hanging around offering to help us make cool stuff. There doesn’t seem to be that much to do in Oklahoma City, so if you’re a weird art kid, you’re probably going to end up hanging out with The Flaming Lips. Something I really like about both of our bands is the preference for friends over professionals. Getting your friends together, giving them a job to do, and then watching them excel at it is super cool.”

Check it out above.