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A puppet Aesop Rock plays with his real life cat in video for “Kirby” — watch

on June 27, 2016, 1:10pm


Aesop Rock demonstrated once again on his recent album, The Impossible Kid, that he’s one of the great masters of wordplay. The New York native can put together complex and captivating bars about nearly anything, even his pet cat. That’s what he did with “Kirby”, an ode to his feline friend, his own “MD recommended sense of purpose.” In the video for the track, we get to meet the little furball of inspiration behind lines like, “Here to bat around keys and the means to euphoria/ Soon to be hailed, the greatest of all warriors.”

Yes, Kirby himself stars in the clip alongside a puppet version of Aesop. The little guy plays rough with the stuffed replica of his master, but it’s clearly all in the name of love. Check out the video above.