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Warren Beatty returns with first film in 18 years, Rules Don’t Apply

on May 18, 2016, 1:45pm

Back in April, Warren Beatty turned many heads when he teased a Dick Tracy sequel, a flavorful news bite that admittedly overshadowed his even bigger announcement: a proper return to the silver screen. All we knew was that he’d be directing and starring in another film, the story involved Howard Hughes, and the son of a bitch would be out by fall.

Today, however, it’s Beattypalooza, and we have a title (Rules Don’t Apply), a cast (ahem, Beatty, Lily CollinsAlden Ehrenreich, Alec BaldwinMatthew Broderick, Candice Bergen, Steve Coogan, and Annette Bening), and a release date (November 11th). We also know a thing or two about the story, which he insists is not a biopic but a comedy. Sweet.

Set in Hollywood 1958, Collins plays a religious actress and Ehrenreich a conservative driver, and the two both work for Beatty’s Hughes. The problem is that Hughes isn’t particularly thrilled about his employees hooking up, so it becomes a tale of forbidden love under the watch of America’s craziest billionaire. [Insert Trump joke.]

Beatty last starred in 2001’s not-so-good Town & Country, but the Academy Award-winning director’s last film was the very excellent and extremely prescient political comedy, Bulworth. Seriously, if you haven’t watched that one recently, it’s a certifiable popcorn classic and a perfect watch amid our current political climate.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, check out photos of Rules Don’t Apply below.