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Megafauna learn how to separate themselves from “Doubt” on new single — listen

on May 12, 2016, 10:50am

Photo by Michael Worchel

Doubt has a way of buzzing about our heads, even when we think we’re at our most confident. But Austin trio Megafauna have the cure: It’s all about staying on your toes. That’s why they’ve been switching up their sound almost every album since forming in 2008. On their forthcoming third record, Welcome Home, they’re blending their past efforts’ psychedelic prog-rock and proto-metal styles into a twisting, rhythmic assault of sound. It’s just what’s needed to beat back your insecurities, which is exactly what they do on new single “Doubt”.

Guitars squeak and chug, like the battle in your brain as you shake off any questions of self-worth. Then it beats down any lingering uncertainty with the controlled chaos of the drums, things that thud and skitter and charge as if opposing thoughts clashing together. “The meaning of this song is simpler than most of the album,” explains frontwoman Dani Neff to Consequence of Sound. “It’s simply about putting distance between yourself and your fear of failure. I compiled the lyrics from a bunch of journals from past tours and cut out and arranged my favorite lines in a way that made sense to me.”

Take a listen to the track below.

“Doubt” is the latest single off Megafauna’s forthcoming Welcome Home, which will be self-released on May 27th. Pre-order information can be found at the band’s website.