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Donald Trump is more disliked than Nickelback, according to polls

on May 11, 2016, 3:05pm

Despite Ted Cruz’s affections, Nickelback have never really had the public’s approval, much less its praise. In Australia, they were once wanted by police officials for “crimes against music,” and at one point, they were nearly banned from performing in the city of London. Meanwhile, on the Internet, a soft spot for the Canadian outfit has been known to lead to rifts amongst Facebook friends.

It’s hard to imagine any one thing that could be more universally disliked than Nickelback. That is, until the 2016 presidential election kicked into high gear. Now we know there is one such entity that turns people’s stomaches harder than Chad Kroeger & co.: Donald Trump.

According to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (via The Wrap), a poll has confirmed that Trump is viewed less favorably than Nickelback (as well as lice, root canals, hipsters, and the DMV — yikes). “Overall, this is a list of things you do not really want to be losing to,” she noted. Indeed, not even The Donald’s impeccable corn silk hair or monstrously “large” hands could save his tanking numbers. Perhaps he’ll soon propose a new wall to our north to boost his status and keep out Nickelback supporters?

All is not lost for the presidential hopeful, though. There’s some bit of good polling news: As Maddow reported, “It’s narrow, but a win is a win. Donald Trump is held in higher esteem than hemorrhoids by a margin of six points and he’s held in higher esteem than cockroaches by a margin of four points.”

Hey, Trump. How does it feel to be losing to this?