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Charlotte Carpenter shares affecting new song “Burn” — listen

on May 13, 2016, 1:30pm

On her new EP, How Are We Ever to Know?Charlotte Carpenter confronts all the sour notes of romance. Her last single, “Am I Alone in This?”, wrestled with that nagging doubt that plagues your mind when a relationship starts creaking out of the honeymoon phase. New track “Burn” jumps to the other end of the spectrum to when it becomes clear that it’s time to move on.

The four-minute track crawls forward on deeply reverberating slide guitar and piano, setting up a crestfallen yet accepting atmosphere. The British songwriter is painfully adept at capturing all the varying moods of heartbreak, not just in music, but in lyrics. “I know I talk in rhyme/ All of the time, all of the time,” she sings on the chorus, affectionate even in her sadness. “And I hope life gives you kind/ You are a picture, a picture in my mind.”

Take a listen below. How Are We Ever to Know? is due out June 10th via Carpenter’s own Let It Go Records. Pre-orders are available here.