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Badass toddler joins Deathfest circle pit — watch

on May 31, 2016, 10:05pm


I didn’t step foot into a mosh pit until I was about 13. It was at Warped Tour during the set of some now-defunct pop punk band on Drive-Thru Records, which is to say that it wasn’t all that crazy. Nonetheless, I’m sure I wanted to pee myself out of anxiety because well … the clashing of bodies, how ever softly or gently, just seemed a scary thought to tiny me. (I had **barely** just gotten out of my boy band phase, guys.)

I thought I was pretty brave back then, but now realize that I was kind of a wuss compared to the toddler who joined a circle pit at Maryland’s Deathfest this past weekend. Yeah, that’s right. There actually was a little kid circling about a pit full of GROWNUPS at a music event called DEATHFEST.

Not only that, but, as you’ll see in the footage above (via Metal Injection), he didn’t flinch one bit. He actually enjoyed the hell out of it — hair wild, converses laced up, sleeveless black Star Wars t-shirt and all. Somebody give this child a badass award. Some of those fans nearby went easy on him, sure, but damn, the kid’s earned it for courage alone.

Watch above. Below, check out footage showing how intense Deathfest can be.


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