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Courtney Love got too drunk and was kicked out of Guns N’ Roses Coachella afterparty

on April 20, 2016, 9:20am

’90s rockers everywhere are reliving their glory days as of late; Axl and Slash reunited, as have Billy and James.

Courtney Love, too, is feeling a bit nostalgic.

As Page Six reports, the Hole frontwoman attended Guns N’ Roses’ post-Coachella afterparty on Saturday night and proceeded to party like it was 1994. “She was literally falling over. It just became a little too sloppy, noted a Page Six source, who added that she was eventually booted from the party. “She wasn’t coherent at all.”

Then again, given Love’s previous run-in with Axl Rose, it’s a miracle she was even invited in the first place.