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Trinidad’s Annalie Prime shares bright folk-pop song “Guns of Hysteria” — listen

on March 08, 2016, 1:20pm

The beauty of folk music is that it has always transcended borders. Though it’s largely considered an Americana style, the essence of folk can come from the soul of any country’s native. Take the young Trinidadian singer-songwriter Annalie Prime; although she may hail from a tiny Caribbean island, her music sounds like it’s come rambling and shinning out of the California mountains.

Prime has made an internet name for herself delivering covers of everything from Justin Bieber to The Outfield, but it’s her own songs that will be drawing attention soon. New single “Guns of Hysteria” demonstrates everything there is to love about her unique blend of pop and folk. Her baby doll vocals as she sings lines like, “Oh, honey, I’ve got the guns of hysteria/ and if you want to start a war/ I’m gonna fight back” are effortlessly charming. Guitars twinkle across a rhythm as sunny as the sun that brightens her Caribbean home and are equally welcoming.

“I originally wrote this to depict a scene of me fighting with myself and the issues in my life but it was a bit psychotic,” Prime tells Consequence of Sound about the track, “so I never got to writing the verse. Then I thought about writing it as a relationship, which still worked with the original theme. So it’s like two Annalie‘s. That’s why I said, you fight for you, you fight for me, we fight for us; for the sanity of us. My sister pointed out to me that she thought it was an abusive relationship between two couples and it showed that woman empowerment theme kinda thing.”

Take a listen to “Guns of Hysteria” below.