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Christopher the Conquered announces I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll, shares video for “I’m Not That Famous Yet” — watch

on March 02, 2016, 1:05pm

Christopher the Conquered has released albums before, mainly with the backing of the Black Gold Brass Band. Now, for the first time, the man born Christopher Ford is stepping out on his own for his new LP, I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll. Due out from Maximum Ames Records, the nine-track effort will be available beginning May 13th.

Ford has already previewed the record with a trio of songs: the title track, “What’s the Name of the Town”, and “On My Final Day”. Though the music received a surge of attention thanks to an unsolicited promotional pat on the back from Ryan Adams, Christopher the Conquered maintains “I’m Not That Famous Yet” on the album’s latest single. Over a steady campfire beat, Ford lays down a simple, doleful strain on his piano. But don’t be deceived; he’s not mourning his lack of fame, but the tribulations that could come with notoriety. “I will not talk to my friends anymore,” he sings in a low, rumbling register. “I’ll never call my mom or my dad/ I won’t be home for Christmas again/ No, I’m not that famous yet.”

“I’m Not That Famous Yet” comes in the form of its music video. Ford sings towards the camera while real video of him performing a roadside sobriety test one night after a show. Take a look below.

Here’s what Ford himself had to say about “I’m Not That Famous Yet and its video:

“The song is about all the terrible things I’ll do when I become famous, but I blow it completely out of proportion. As far as getting stopped by the police, it was a sobering experience [no pun intended], really. I had played a show that night in Iowa City at the venue where I had originally conceived the idea of this song. I had a few drinks and I felt fine to drive, but I got pulled over because drunk driving is not atypical there, especially on a weekend night, and I was probably speeding through the area a bit. My friend was smart to film it. The sad truth is that I was much closer to the legal limit than I’d like to admit, which really freaked me out. The police were actually going to take me to the station for a more complete test. They were convinced I had more than alcohol in my system, so near the end of the video you see movement. I walk toward the car to tell my friend what’s happening. The cops see then she is filming us, and they change their mind and let me go on my way. I guess spending 35 minutes on the street in the middle of a freezing cold January night in Iowa (the video is sped up a lot) was ok punishment. I learned something for sure that night.”

I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll is available for pre-order now via ChristophertheConquered.com or MaximumAmes.com. The CD and vinyl versions come with two and three bonus tracks, respectively, and will be autographed if ordered via the label site. A Deluxe Edition comes with both versions of the album plus a limited edition CD of bonus material, a cassette of original demos, and a photo book by Jerrod Jordahl. What’s more, the first 365 people to pre-order the album via Christopher or the label’s websites will receive an original song composed exclusively for them by Christopher the Conquered.

The album art and tracklist are below.

I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll Album Artwork:


I’m Giving Up on Rock & Roll Tracklist:
01. I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll
02. Mystery
03. On My Final Day
04. I Lose It
05. Everybody Rains
06. Be A Good Person
07. I Guess My Heart’s Out Of Tune Again
08. What’s The Name Of The Town
09. I’m Not That Famous Yet