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Paul McCartney is composing audio emojis, because music is dead

on February 10, 2016, 10:38am

Sir Paul McCartney, of The Beatles, Wings, and Sirvana fame, has contributed a number of compositions to the world’s musical lexicon, from “Hey Jude” to “Blackbird” to “Spies Like Us”. However, his latest artistic endeavor could prove to be his lasting legacy.

In collaboration with Skype, McCartney has composed the first-ever “audio emojis”. I’ll let that sink in for a second. Like I said, his lasting legacy.

McCartney recorded the 10 audio emojis over the course of a week, “using a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards, drums, xylophone and his voice.” Each emoji is love-themed for Valentine’s Day.

In a statement, McCartney commented on project: “It turned out to be a great laugh at the same time as challenging because you suddenly realise you’ve got to compress a musical interpretation of an expression into less than five seconds. It was like doing a huge crossword puzzle and coming up with all these solutions. And at the same time it was musical so it was great practise for me in the studio.”

McCartney’s audio emojis are now available on Skype, and you can find a making-of video below. Personally, I’m going to hold out for some Trent Reznor-composed emojis.